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Is your personal image preventing you from taking the next step in your career?

Every day, before you step out of the house, you have the power to change your personal image and the way the world sees you. How you look affects how you feel. And if you don’t look and feel at your best, it shows. Today could be the day when you are presented with a fantastic opportunity, but if you don’t feel confident about yourself, you could be overlooked. Our personal image consultant can help you to improve your chances of securing the next stage of your career.

In a Total Image Makeover, our personal image consultant takes a total view of your appearance. We provide advice and guidance which will help you create and maintain your own personal image or ‘brand’.

Research shows that the first 30 seconds of meeting someone are critical – 55% of what a person remembers about you is based on your personal image or appearance, only 37% on your voice and only 7% on what you actually say.

In a Total Image Makeover, we consider what will bring out the best in you:

  • colour consultation – to identify your ‘true colours’
  • style consultation – to discover what clothes and style suit your body shape best
  • wardrobe makeover – to reinvigorate the clothes you already have
  • shopping assistance – to help you choose clothes and accessories to suit you
  • access to a range of services – hairdressers, makeup artists, dieticians, personal trainers, life or business coaches

Having a total image makeover by our personal image consultant will help you look and feel great. By feeling more confident about yourself, you will feel empowered to take the next step to getting that job and securing your future. Dress for the job you want, not for the one you’ve got!

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