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What others say about Soraya

Soraya – How wonderful to see you now working in a field that is so obviously right for you! To anyone wanting a true style guru, can I say that Soraya was my idol when I was a young lady working in the city. She was always, always beautifully dressed and had a lovely sense of style and grace about her. I could only hope that some of that has rubbed off over the years that I worked with her! Her knowledge of fashion and textiles is enhanced by her own personal story, as well as her study of history. I wish you well, Soraya, and to anyone engaging her – excellent choice!

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Image Makeover- Vanessa Hall

Being in the corporate world for many years, I got into the habit of wearing black.

Soraya changed my way of thinking about what suited me and what didn’t in a way that made me feel comfortable about changing my style. She helped me choose my colours and the type of clothes that suited me personally.

I am now wearing beautiful colours and feeling confident in a way that I haven’t felt for years. Soraya has really helped me to develop my own style and I am now wearing scarves, shawls and jewellery in ways that I never thought I would. I constantly get compliments and even the women I work with are changing their style of dress and colour!

Image Makeover- Diane, Sydney

“Having my colours done by Soraya has changed the way I dress and the way I feel in my clothes. The best thing was not only getting guidance on what to wear, but also what NOT to wear. It was amazing how so much of what I do does not fit my colour palette had sat unworn in my wardrobe for years, never chosen because it never looked right. The styling session was great in showing me styles that will work with my shape. I can’t wait to go shopping with this new information in hand. Soraya was very warm and put me immediately at ease. Definitely recommended.”

Colour & Style Consultation- Jess, Sydney

My colour consultation with Soraya has given me confidence.  I now choose clothes much more effectively – knowing what to look for and what works for me.  My colour consultation has proved to be a great investment, both in time and money.  I can now look better for less – buying and wearing only clothes that work really well for me – and leaving the rest on the rack!  Now that I understand my colours, I can get it right every time. I am more than happy to recommend Soraya

Colour Consultation- D. Sylvester, Sydney.

Soraya did a total image makeover for me. One of the things she did was to encourage me to get a more flattering hairstyle. Though it took time, I can see that it has taken ages off me, making me look younger. I have had a very positive change in how I feel and I am more confident. I have received a lot of compliments, especially at my 60th birthday. She has also encouraged me to try more flattering styles which I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. I now carry my colour swatch when I do my shopping. Thank you Soraya for your patience and encouragement.

Total Image Makeover- Glenda, Sydney

Soraya helped me during my daughter’s wedding. I did not want to look like the normal mother of a bride. She encouraged me to try different styles and jewellery I normally wouldn’t wear. The piece of necklace I bought is something I can wear with formal as well as casual clothes. If not for Soraya , I would have gone for a formal piece of gold jewellery. I received so many compliments at the wedding and I felt good & confident. I highly recommend Soraya to any mother of the bride. Thank you Soraya.”

Bridal Consultation- Bronwyn Sams, Sydney.

I was not sure of the bridesmaid dresses for my wedding. I consulted Soraya as each of my bridesmaids was a different in size & shape. Soraya chose beautiful teal colour and styles which looked so good on my 5 bridesmaids. The plain teal colour of the fabrics was set off by the beautiful patterned shoes. This was further enhanced by the colour of the bouquets which reflected the patterned shoes – simple but so elegant. My bridesmaids loved their look & we had so many compliments. Soraya made it a very special occasion for me & my bridesmaids. Thank you Soraya.

Bridal Consultation- Michelle Sams, Sydney

Soraya was an immediate success with participants both because of her mastery of the subject matter, and, her presentation style. She is adept at building case studies and using real life examples to get across complex concepts.

She does this in a way that engages participants of all learning styles, and mixes serious messages with the just right kind of humour to keep the audience attentive and learning.

Public speaking – Peter Russell (former Training & Development Manager, AMP Corporate Superannuation)

Your warmth and ability to incorporate personal stories in your talk I think really inspired and impressed the audience. In particular, your message that networking is more than just handing over a business card was – and – strongly relevant for young people today. In addition, it is dangerous to generalize when making statements about ‘doing business in Asia’, and your talk successfully conveyed this point

Public Speaking – Lauren Bain, Manager, Asialink Circle