Strategic Style - Image consulting for men and women

A style consultation to discover your own individual style
for men and women

Do you have a problem with not knowing what to wear? Let our Strategic Style Image Consultant help you discover the garments that bring out the best in you.

Every day, we are judged by the way we choose to dress. Opportunities may be lost because of a poor first impression. The type of clothes we wear and how we wear them speaks volumes. Social psychologists say visual presence accounts for 55% of first impressions. We all have different body shapes and sizes – we can’t all look like models. In a style consultation, we will help you to maximise your assets and minimise the negatives.

Your consultation will involve the style consultant taking your body measurements to create a computer generated portfolio. This will provide details about the types of garments which flatter you and bring the best out in you. You will also walk away with your own personalised style portfolio with the garments and accessories that suit you to make shopping a breeze.

You will soon recognise what styles suit you and learn to use accessories to accentuate your natural features, style and personality.

No more troubles shopping – no more wasteful clothes in your wardrobe. You will save time and money when you know what to look for.

But don’t limit yourself to just a style consultation. Why not combine it with one of our colour consultation to understand your true colours?

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