Strategic Style - Image consulting for men and women

Accelerate your corporate image

Do you and your colleagues know the importance of the right corporate image? In a world where casual style has blurred with business wear and changed our views of what to wear and how to behave, what is an acceptable corporate image?

Do you understand how to conduct business in an increasingly multicultural environment? Do you and your staff realise the importance of business etiquette? Are you networking in the right business, community and social circles to improve your corporate image?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you (or your staff) could benefit from some professional advice. With over 30 years experience in senior level positions in business, Soraya understands the importance of a good corporate image. Having worked in commercial environments in Asia and Australia, Soraya is a past President and Area Governor of Toastmasters, an experienced presenter and accredited image consultant and member of the Association of Image Consultants International.

Soraya provides individual or group consultations on subjects ranging from image, corporate etiquette, public speaking and presentation skills for professionals. These include:

  • One to one consultations
  • Professional workshops – training and demonstrations for small groups
  • Corporate conferences or seminars – presentations to corporate or professional organisations or associations

The old adage that you should only wear dark suits and white shirts still holds true for certain occasions, such as job interviews. However, with a corporate/personal image consultation, Soraya can help you (or your staff) choose a range of business wear styles and coordinates to suit. She will also recommend the fibre, weave or texture that best brings out your natural features. A scientific colour consultation will provide you a full palette of your own portfolio of colours, as well as advice on whether you suit prints or patterns. You will still stand out as a professional, while wearing garments that define your personal style

To enquire about a corporate image consultation or to book a tailored corporate workshop or seminar, please contact

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