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Individual and Group colour consultations for men and women

Do you want to know the colours that really suit you? Feel empowered and boost your self confidence by having an individual colour consultation.

Wearing colours which suit you can make you look younger, healthier and radiant. You will feel more confident and positive just walking into a room.

Wearing the wrong colours can prematurely age you and make you look tired or ill. If someone asks you if you are feeling unwell or off-colour, it could be due to the colours you are wearing.

Colours that are ‘right’ for you bring out your natural features and make you look and feel your best. At Strategic Style, we provide professional colour consultations which analyse your natural colouring (skin, hair, eyes and face shape) and complement it with a range of colours that suit your complexion.

Our colour consultant will drape you with fabrics in a range of colours to determine your primary and secondary flow colours, as well as the type of fabrics and garments that accentuate your natural features.

At the end of the colour consultation, you will walk away with your own personalised purse-size colour palette. This means that every time you go shopping, you can easily find clothes in colours that you know will suit you and which reflect your individual style.

We will also provide you with your own Colour Solutions Profile with useful tips. After a consultation, you will be confident knowing:

Image Consultant

  • the range of colours that best suit you and those you should avoid
  • how to coordinate and contrast your clothes and colours
  • the colours that complement your eyes, hair and complexion
  • the fabrics and styles that suit your natural style
  • the type of jewellery that suits your face

Don’t delay! Find out your true colours today

At Strategic Style image consulting, we cater for both men and women and specialise in presentations for individuals, as well as groups.

Why not invite us to give a colour consultation for your friends and make it into a social occasion for a charity event, party or get together?

Or invite us to your next conference or seminar for a presentation with a difference?

Image Stylist We can come to you or you can visit us for your own personalised colour consultation.

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