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Dress like a
Bollywood princess!

Have you ever dreamed of a Bollywood style experience? Bollywood films have had such an influence in the West. Let Soraya be your Bollywood image consultant and dress you up in contemporary or traditional sari styles.

What about being draped in dreamy exotic saris for your next special function, such as a wedding or party? Whatever the occasion, Soraya can help you to create a special exotic Bollywood style look.

As a speaker at the 2008 AICI Australian Conference, Soraya gave a well received presentation entitled ‘Bollywood’s gift to the West – a modern take on the traditional sari’. Being aware of Bollywood style and influence on the rest of the world, Soraya researched this elegant garment and discovered more than 120 traditional ways of wearing the sari which she has translated into modern styles for today’s women!

Soraya has the resources to access beautiful Bollywood saris for you and to advise your special colours to enhance your experience. She can also help you find spectacular Bollywood jewellery to complement your sari.

Why not combine a colour consultation with your Bollywood style experience? Contact Soraya at

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